H.B. Skip Nichols
With over 25 years of automotive and racing experience, Skip carries on the family tradition to the next generation. As a successful driver, he has definitely earned the sacred #1 on the side of his car.

James E. Nichols II
Jim, son of Jimmy and Bernice Nichols, was born into racing in 1926. He spent his early days traveling and watching his dad as they raced around the tri-state sprint car circuit. From his days with Lance Reventlow to his lasting engine designs of the square 4. Jim's racing knowledge and experience runs deep in the history of early motorsports. Jim started Nichols Industries in 1954, where he built one of the first racing engine " dyno's" in So. California. If you were going racing back then, Chances are that we saw your engine, one time or another.

James E. Nichols II died on April 7, 2012. His obituary is available here.

Jimmy Nichols
Jimmy's love of machinery first attracted him to racing motorcycles in the early 1900's. After serving in World War 1 as flight mechanic for the ace fighter pilot and great race car driver, Eddie Richenbacher, he returned to the states with a renewed interest in racing. Now driving sprint cars, that he built with his brother Paul, Jimmy raced his way to the tri-state sprint car championship in his Galavin Ford race car, winning 22 of 26 races that year. Quite an accomplishment in any racing venue. Jimmy was " One tough Chauffeur" as the saying goes.




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